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The Psalmist did. Sometimes, we have the tendency to think that God does not want to bless our life. However, the opposite is true. God wants to bless you abundantly because He is a God of blessing. Often, we have not because we ask not. You see, Jabez desired something bigger and larger than himself.

He wanted growth in his own life and growth in a much larger sphere. Jabez was not satisfied with mediocrity, nor was he content to live in the status quo. Complacency was unacceptable to this man. Jabez was thinking exponentially, meaning larger than what he could think or imagine.

It's Your Divine Destiny

Kelly Martin Illustrations. Shondi Woods Photographs. Felt left out as a child and became rebellious in my youth.

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As a young adult I surrendered my life to God. I have suffered significant losses, been ostracized by religious people and betrayed by those I thought were friends. There have also been good times, happy, successful and rewarding experiences that propelled me on. None of our life experie Felt left out as a child and became rebellious in my youth.


None of our life experiences are exactly the same. Each one of us has a unique path to follow. My life is a testament that tenacity and steadfast faith in God will pull you through.

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  7. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. For she was lifted up, crowned, jeweled, and placed in one of the highest positions in her day. For surely, I shall remember your deeds and I shall remember you. And surely I shall revisit your words, in fact, for every syllable, every iota, and unction I shall reward, esteem and honor; for all such words that I value. For the day is coming, soon, I say, when the bowls are being poured out, and given back to you for all you have done.

    For it is the pleasure of the King to give you what he deems worthy. For these are valued as a banquet feast to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He shall revisit, and reward. You shall surely be remembered, my child for what you have done, and for the things you have said.

    Likewise, son, and daughter, I am one day, going to revisit and remember deeds done that were set out for your destruction. I will mix them well, like mixing ingredients for a cake until the very motives, the displays, and pictures behind these deeds become liquidated and pliable, and I will reuse everything I have mixed in the bowl, each of which contained power to destroy previously, and rework that energy for good, and cause the deeds to reverse to blessings.

    I shall rework the event; even the particles thereof, and cause a reversal and a blessing, says the Lord. Yes, it is as I have said. A day is coming when I shall prepare my mixing bowl for such a day soon. And the shattering glass shall destroy them because smidgens of glass shall point to each iota and piece, each of which, and they will fall flat; even as the walls of Jericho fell flat in the mighty cry of that day.

    Because voices have power; and I intend to destroy the powers that have been coming against you for all past seasons, both known and unknown because of my love for you. Yes, it is as I have said, and I shall reverse them; and send out a blessing instead; one 3X greater and more powerful that the previous curses, causing your favor and blessing to increase until the overflow is overwhelming joy.

    And you will know that I , the Lord am good; and that my intentions towards you have always been good. And you shall have great joy in your heart and soul on that day. And a day is coming, where I shall revisit every evil deed; and every evil work, and every negative word spoken, written, or in your hearts my children, and for some they are a mile-high pile. And for all you have focused on, shall be done to you whether good or bad. You are acquitted by your deeds and actions; but you are also incarcerated for the same. Acquitted for good deeds and actions; incarcerated for evil and wicked deeds an actions.

    For a day is coming children, when all will be acquitted, or all set aside for destruction. And every idle word, idle thought, blasphemous act shall be burned in the fire of Gehinnom. For this reason Therefore, repent of all evil deeds done; and every idle word spoken, and come into my presence with prayer and fasting; so you shall be saved and acquitted for such things.

    For it is not I , who will send you to hell, but your very words and deeds that will take you there. Because truly, you are more powerful that you think, and mankind belittles the value on such things like; a word well said and a deed well done. But truly, I tell you these words and actions have the power to heal or destroy; to bring life; or death;. Read my word, and you shall understand and find that I never came to destroy the words of Moses, and the prophets, but to fulfill them.

    And today, I would like to fill you. I would like to fill your heart; so you will no longer be lacking. Come to me, Yeshua, and accept me into your heart, and I will make you a new heart, with a new desire and fill you with true joy that you had previously never known or understood.

    Make your life count, for today is your day …for deliverance. Be careful not to perform your righteous acts before men to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. Truly I tell you, they already have their full reward. And your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Fear not, worry not.

    I shall sustain you, sayeth the Lord. For In me, and through me, is the only way to survive. For man was not created to be alone. Eve spoke to the snake, and was turned away from me. Adam spoke to Eve, and was turned away from me.

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    So I ask; how have you, my children been turned away? Who has educated you on the ways of the world, which each day, lead you on the path of death, step by step? Which of you, have allowed a spark to ignite, and allowed that flame to consume you? Which of you, dipped your toes in the tidal pool to explore the wonders of that seedy world, only to be crushed by the all consuming waves when the tides return?

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    Are you drowning in debt and consumerism, trying to fill the void you can never fill? Do you feel paper thin — but a mere wafer — being consumed yourself, having nothing left? But fear not! I, the Lord your God, see your heart, and I know how many steps you have taken from me.

    No matter if you are used up, burned up, or have your head below water, or are totally upside down. I am here. Come to me, my child. Turn your face to me, the Lord your God, and I shall catch you, rescue you, snatch you from the fires of death and hell. If you live all your life, and know not my love, my heart, my spirit, and my presence, it has has been a waste of a life. For the whole purpose of this life is to know me.

    Return to me, receive me, turn away from your sin that is accepted by the world. Turn away from the thing that turned you away from me. Return to me. Return to my word.

    A Divine Destiny A Divine Destiny
    A Divine Destiny A Divine Destiny
    A Divine Destiny A Divine Destiny
    A Divine Destiny A Divine Destiny
    A Divine Destiny A Divine Destiny
    A Divine Destiny A Divine Destiny
    A Divine Destiny A Divine Destiny
    A Divine Destiny A Divine Destiny

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