Anne of Green Gremlins: Pixie Slayer

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Scully passes through her alternate? Ship climbing ocean wave with all crew members safely inside. The Reader by Traci Chee Pirates! Art Katsushika Hokusai J. In this episode, we discuss our favorite animated heartthrobs with friend of the podcast Sarah.

After all these years, which tales still give you chills?

Come for the strangely attractive cartoon foxes, stay for the romance recommendations! List of publisher contacts subscribe to their newsletters! The Philosophy of Beards , Thomas S. The Bird King , G.

Just a couple of podcasting librarians, talking mostly about pop culture.

Anna: Aquaman. Obsession Anna and Alene: Hamilton. In this episode, we discuss sharks in pop culture with Worst Best Friends Renata and Becca , including deep dives see what we did there? Pteracuda Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf Mega Shark vs.

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In this episode, we talk basketball with Cecily of The Riverdale Rag and Deb, sharing our personal basketball histories and favorite teams, coaches, and players. Vivian Stringer.

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Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe. Obsessions Cecily: Kdramas on Netflix— Mr. The official genre of Bellwether Friends is Historical Romance. Ottoman J. Jackson Insert Groom Here Beverly Jenkins we totally forgot to talk about her but she should be on this list. Content warning for discussion of various unpleasant topics, primarily suicide. Pacat and Johanna the Mad. Content warning for discussion of various unpleasant topics, primarily cancer.

Catch up with part one here. Sourcebooks Elizabeth Warren: Her Fight. Her Work.

Klinger October Obsession The Bold Type. Obsession Killing Eve. Welcome back! So much Sorkin! So many powers! In this episode, we discuss the movies we have seen since our last movie advisory episode Episode 77 , skipping those we already discussed on other episodes Episode 81 : Oscar Thoughts.

We subscribed to MoviePass and it increased our volume of movies seen, but not the overall quality of movies in general. Light spoilers and content warning for gore and vomit mentions. Spoiler alert!

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  4. Anne of Green Gremlins, Pixie Slayer.

We talk about a lot of details of both seasons of The Good Place, which has some twists and surprises you might not want spoiled. Not at the same time! We need to watch in the comfort of our home, with our cats and the ability to snark at top volume. And we also have a bunch of stuff to say about bullet journaling, so pull up a seat for this new episode! Obsessions Anna: Flavored syrups Alene: pistachios.

In this episode, we follow up Episode 82 with Classical Music Advisory, bringing back Robin Tuphlos Bradford previously our guest on Episode 36 to share her expertise. In this episode, we talk about our favorite classical pieces and our recent live symphony experiences. Also: our What to Watch Next Bracket poll results! The playlist for this episode is on Spotify. Vote in the poll at the bottom of this page to tell us what to watch next!

Gremlins 2- Gizmo Vs. Mohawk (Spider-Gremlin)

Our first TV bracket was covered Episode Links Challonge! Take Our Poll.

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  • We brought in writing implement expert Cecily Walker skeskali of the Riverdale Rag podcast to talk about one of our favorite things: pens! Warning: if you are at all inclined to rash internet purchases, Cecily makes buying pens and ink sound very appealing. We brought in holiday romance expert Cory and her mom to help us sift through the offerings from the season. We talked about diversity, Lifetime vs. Hallmark, nude nail polish, royalty, adorable moppets, and more, using our Holiday Romance Movie Checklist as a baseline.

    See our spreadsheet of the 38 movies the Bellwether Friends team watched this season here. Kringle the one with Christine Taylor and an early kiss Christmas Getaway the one with a double booked cabin The Christmas Cottage the one with a magic cabin Christmas List the one with the earliest kiss 12 Men of Christmas the one with sex! Cory: Check, Please! There are some spoilers, but we rarely make much sense.

    Movie Advisory A was episode 66! See episodes 48 and 64 for previous Book Buzz content. Links bookbuzznyc Workman! The Woman in the Window by A. Eyewitness to World War II out now.

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    Download here. In this episode, Alene tries to find horror films that Anna will consent to watch with her. We discuss our history and preferences regarding horror movies, with a brief foray into horror in other media. See Episode Six for earlier thoughts related to this topic. Including a theme song quiz! Bucking tradition, we start with the quiz, which ends at if you want to skip ahead. In this episode, we discuss the reality TV shows we watched after our Episode 70 conversation with bookavore.

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    • In this episode, we head into largely uncharted waters to discuss reality TV with Stephanie Anderson aka bookavore. For this show we pulled in author and secret famous librarian Kelly Maher to talk about her TV true crime experience. Worst Bestsellers crossover event : Worst Best Friends! Juggernaut lifts it and becomes Kuurth: Breaker of Stone. His transformation is enough to level the Raft, causing a mass prison break.

      Magik, Colossus, and Shadowcat go to Cyttorak's dimension and inform it that the Serpent has control over Juggernaut. Magik strikes a deal with Cyttorak, who chooses her to become the new host of the Juggernaut's powers.

      Anne of Green Gremlins: Pixie Slayer Anne of Green Gremlins: Pixie Slayer
      Anne of Green Gremlins: Pixie Slayer Anne of Green Gremlins: Pixie Slayer
      Anne of Green Gremlins: Pixie Slayer Anne of Green Gremlins: Pixie Slayer
      Anne of Green Gremlins: Pixie Slayer Anne of Green Gremlins: Pixie Slayer
      Anne of Green Gremlins: Pixie Slayer Anne of Green Gremlins: Pixie Slayer

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