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It is a time of vibrant self-reinvention which responses to revolutionary change. Periods of the randhresha may be punctuated with occasions of disaster, upheaval, and even terror along with profound healing rejuvenation and emergence of new identities for old containers. One may be a notable keeper of confidential information which has catastrophic potential.

POTUS-pair Military Families Mamie Doud Eisenhower knew a great deal of classified information, not only about the wars her husband was directing but also about the insider personal lives of her Washington DC coterie. One becomes an iconic figure representing revolutionary change, secrets, upheaval, and regeneration of the identity.

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The physical self-reinvention may also enforce a powerful thrust of internal identity change. POTUS Oregon Treaty James Buchanan was an antebellum-era gay man whose identity needed to be disguised for professional reasons. Correspondence from the era showed historians that their relationship was hidden to the general public but known to their immediate circle. Agency of eruption, emergence, upheaval and rebirth Randhresha located in radical-lagna indicates an agent of revolutionary change.

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When the leadership graha are strong, one may lead in times of dangerous and destructive force whether ideological, economic, or military. The life-force is consumed by the transformational intensity of the task. The incarnation may be briefer than average but not always. Potentially dangerous or sudden, unexpected eruptions of force , social-material or psycho-emotional, find agency in the figure of the flesh-body. Polkwas raised in harsh wilderness conditions. At age 13 he endured a brutal frontier surgery for urinary stones with no anesthetic and ensuing sepsis..

Following his partial recovery, he was reborn by his account and filled with the desire to study law. Previously uneducated, he began school at age He led the a nation of destructive Euro-settlers believing that they were divinely entitled to take all lands under the sanction of Manifest Destiny.

Decease age She married a man 26 years her senior, and became a famous Simha widowed mother of three children at her age Most of the internet world was aware of her bereavement. Her public identity remained linked to his tragic death for the remainder of her long life POTUS National Parks Theodore Roosevelt became a prominent widower at his age 45, when his first wife died after childbirth in Through the newspaper reports, the entire American nation knew about his bereavement.

General Electric Thomas Edison had already become a national figure when his wife died at his age The nation grieved with him. Due to the public nature of his job, the entire nation grieved with him. He survived a surprise explosion on the USS Princeton that was fatal for many of those around him. Tyler sided with the Confederacy in the antebellum years, which lent authority to the revolutionary 8 secession movement.

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Tyler was criticized for getting very little done during his lifetime of political office during times of upheaval. He was mainly a figure of articulation of the legal arguments Budha for the violently conflicted issues of slavery and States Rights. Washington married a well-capitalized widow Martha Custis. She had inherited substantial Virginia tobacco plantations from her first husband. Martha was a highly capable businesswoman and negotiator who funded his military role in the American revolutionary war while steadily increasing their wealth via multiple plantations run by hundreds of slaves.

If Rahu-8 a long life. Not always a shortened life but rather an enthusiasm for risk-taking which encourages sudden transformation of the fleshly shell. However randhresha-8 does not predict the timing of death , only the environment randhresha-8 in 1 indicates the possibility of surprising encounters with the conditions of flesh-death, either as victim or perpetrator. Sudden unpredictable attacks or sudden meetings with eruptive force India-PM Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on May in a public place, whilst campaigning for a fellow politician, by a woman agent of his political adversary via lethal explosive randhresha-8 in radical lagna tends to conceal secrets.

When fortunate, self-destruction is followed by self-rebirthing. Socially identified with large-scale change, social transformation, crisis and healing, secrets and taboos, creation and destruction of identity, matters of the turning of the cycle of rebirth and death.

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A healer and transformer with shamanic qualities. Iconic figures with papa-graha randhresha-8 residing in bhava-1 must often function in conditions of sudden, inexplicable change.

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Her evangelical-entertainment ministry was during some years extremely popular and journalists could not restrain the superlatives. At other times she was viciously accused of fraud, harlotry, and perjury inter alia. Formula-One test driver Maria de Villota experienced a sudden massive brain injury whilst testing a high-performance racing car.

At great personal cost, she forever changed the perception that women were unsuited to high-speed, high-impact sports such as automotive championship racing. Surya is a bitter enemy of lagnesha Shani, making this position especially challenging. Surya exudes the confidence of political revolution while Shani resists change and imposes order. Symbolizing the forces of catastrophic social change, one uses the methods of theatre and bright amusements to elicit applause. Engages the transformative forces by center-stage, entertaining, self-referential displays.

Hidden gambling and undisclosed romance. One needs ongoing disturbance and the urge to self-protection is definitive. Anchoring the forces of catastrophic social change, one uses the methods of soothing and caretaking to comfort those overwhelmed by trauma of sudden, unexpected change. Engages the transformative forces by parenting, nourishing, sheltering. Secret sources of emotional support and undisclosed protectors. Engages the transformative forces by competition, fighting, sexual pursuit.

Kuja acts vigorously. Secret sexual, engineering, or regenerative energy promotes innovation and enforces rebirth.

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If with Budha, aggressive messaging and shouting assertions.. Engages the transformative forces by explaining, describing, diagramming, communicating, media-messaging. Mentalist Budha does not act physically, but rather articulates the already-occurring process of regeneration, rebirth. Delivers the alert signals which harken the evolution of a new identity.

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Secret information and undisclosed cohort. Often an ideologue, catechist, or promoter of humanistic understanding who must expand an inclusive worldview under dangerously divisive conditions.

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Secret teachings and undisclosed guidance. Often a negotiator, broker, wheeler-dealer under disastrous or dangerous conditions. Secret agreements and undisclosed treasuries. Often requires organizational governance and public responsibilities Shani Holds positions of social authority during occasions of sudden unexpected upheaval, disaster, or catastrophic social change.

Requires a restructuring of the personality into a transitional leadership role. Obliged to hold confidential information or tantric secrets thereby preventing collapse of the social order. Secret orders and undisclosed hierarchies. Social personality and physical appearance is identified with behaviors of destruction, regeneration, and rebirth.

Period of randhresha-8 narrates the drama of destroying the old and creating the new.

Which they are. But in the bigger picture, this native is experiencing a death of old behaviors and a rebirth into a new life understanding. The social identity is infused with the qualities of deep healing, transformation, confidential information , secret intimacy, loss of morality, forbidden lands, obscure processes, wealth through inheritance, emergencies, disasters, catastrophic change, rebirth , specter of death, taxes. It makes the individual frustrated in life, critical of everything. He may however unexpectedly receive some monetary reward from the state. Sudden, intensely transformative, and potentially catastrophic changes in the definition of one's relationship to family history, second marriage, speech and song, face and mouth, wealth and natural resource reserves, caused by discovery of a secret.

Dad is the center of the family.

Barbara Lords Green Cleaner Barbara Lords Green Cleaner
Barbara Lords Green Cleaner Barbara Lords Green Cleaner
Barbara Lords Green Cleaner Barbara Lords Green Cleaner
Barbara Lords Green Cleaner Barbara Lords Green Cleaner
Barbara Lords Green Cleaner Barbara Lords Green Cleaner
Barbara Lords Green Cleaner Barbara Lords Green Cleaner
Barbara Lords Green Cleaner Barbara Lords Green Cleaner
Barbara Lords Green Cleaner Barbara Lords Green Cleaner
Barbara Lords Green Cleaner

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