Deflation and Liberty (LvMI)

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To my knowledge, no such apology has appeared. On the assumption that he is not, in fact, a Nazi, the explanation left standing is that he and his defenders have no problem using rhetoric that will attract those sympathetic to Nazi-like views about nativism and Jews. Let me take this opportunity to clarify what I did and did not say. Why would supposed libertarians want to engage in a strategy and make use of rhetoric that is clearly a signal to those folks?

First, name a libertarian who has written more about the family and its importance for a free society than I have. I was on the board of my local synagogue in New York for a decade, most of which was as Treasurer. My ex-wife and I were heads of the parents group for the music department at the local school for several years. Sarah and I are deeply involved with our synagogue here in Indianapolis.

I put it this way in More carefully. More richly. More empirically. More humanely. More progressively. More tolerantly. With better scholarship. The writings of the paleolibertarians will continue to stain that project unless and until the rest of the libertarian movement stops trying to apologize for them…. Our history is one of liberal tolerance, universalism, and cosmopolitanism, putting the freedom and harmony of all people ahead of the supposed interests of any parochial sub-group, and especially ones defined by the artificial boundaries of nation-states and their subsets.

Holocaust ignorance is a real problem. And to the degree that young people are attracted to the alt-right out of ignorance rather than pure hatred, combating that ignorance can also serve the purpose of resisting the alt-right incursion into libertarianism. Because I believe in education, religion, and the importance of the institutions of civil society, and because I believe in putting my money where my mouth is, Sarah and I recently made a donation to the Birmingham AL Holocaust Education Center.

We made our donation as a tribute to Ludwig von Mises. I invite my fellow bloggers and all of our commenters who share my concerns to consider doing the same. Rothbard is better than Brennan Brennan or Horwitz so at least he has that going for him. Not sure the word for someone below a hack. Like any other theory, a revolutionary theory can be wrong.

Also a person can be good at one thing, but completely useless at everything else.

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There are plenty of great actors who turn out to be naive prats when it comes to politics. Steve, the point Deist is trying to make is that trying to convince a man to abandon his devotion to his family and community aka blood and soil is a foolhardy mission. We should instead convince those people that libertarianism is better for protecting his family and community than the state. To convince your audience, you had better understand their current beliefs, passions, and commitments.

Understanding that persons are committed to their homeland and its mythology are you really going to stand face to face with a Sioux indian, black woman, muslim, a rabbi, or transgender and tell them their history, culture, land, and family is toxic to libertarianism? Maybe x is a shared value between us and more we can ease his worries by demonstrating that x will not be encroached by open borders by explaining concepts such as property rights, taxes, and law a couple things the state undermine or take advantage of.

Acknowledging this undisputable fact in no way means we must champion tribalism. It means we must be attuned to it, tailor our arguments to it, or risk being absolutely irrelevant in applied philosophy. Well, some might also say that convincing people to abandon war and the state is also a foolhardy mission, but LvMI persists nonetheless.

Family, religion, community, even nation potentially, are not inherently coercive. Perhaps you have good relations with your family, religion, and community. Many people do not, and to them, those are coercive relationships. It is not the case that these societal institutions must necessarily be coercive, which is the original point. The outlying opinion of these institutions notwithstanding, the fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority position is that these institutions are important for whatever reason such individuals decide. Okay, foolhardy to ignore this fact.

By using this language, Deist is implicitly trying to reach out to people of that ilk, as Horwitz says, and it is utterly a failure. You are making a categorical mistake. It is not the case, unlike war, the state, intervention into the market, etc. Libertarianism is silent on the vice of racism; it has nothing to say about racism at all. Racism is not necessarily coercive, and is in fact protected by the freedom of association. Libertarians will only grow their ranks by reaching out to non-libertarians, people who, by definition, do not share our beliefs with respect to the legitimate use of coercion.

It is not foolhardy to reach out to these people; in fact, it is the only option we have. It is merely foolhardy to ignore the current preferences of such people—just as it is foolhardy to ignore the socialist tendencies of the readers of C4SS—as if communists are super popular. No one is reaching out to nazis at the LvMI. Histrionics are fun, but they are rarely accurate or helpful.

First of all, this speech was not about reaching out to people of that ilk.

E. W. Kemmerer and the Gold Standard

It is intellectually lazy to assume that Nazis or people of that ilk are the only ones who care about those things. Deist was talking about all non libertarians. Family, place-ism, localism, front porch anarchism? Within your own circle of love.

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You wind up shipping them off to war or herding them into public housing projects—always for their own good, of course. It does mean, from my angle of vision, that the only meliorative political acts are those which decentralize, which devolve power to the most local levels: to the small community, to the family, to the individual. We are, today, subjects of an empire, not citizens of a republic. If our goal is to spread our ideas then this means we need to convert people which will include statists, racists, and so on.

If converting people to libertarianism is possible with non libertarians e. I find it rather narrow minded to apply this to statists but not racists even though the speech was not about appealing to racists. Children are subject to their parents, but alternatives to this subjection are also problematic. I assume you mean nazis or the alt right. When did you arrive from Mars? I make neither commentary about this person nor the contents of the article. Nor do I think the Mises Institution is guilty by association if one were to conclude, say, that singular focus on racial disparities in IQ is… suspicious.

Ironically, I am no longer his friend, and second, there are plenty of people at LvMI who have spoken to the author of the website you linked criticizing a the article in question and b his recent attitude or silly goal of a right libertarian alliance. Pretty disingenuous to stoop that low. But at the same time, they still employ Hans Herman Hoppe, who regularly attends white nationalist meetings and wants to keep out non-whites, and racist things have been said by Tom Woods frequently as well. I assume when you say keeping out non whites you are referring to his infamous excerpt from his book Democracy: The God that Failed?

If thats what you mean then this is totally false. If you did due diligence and looked into it you would know this is the case, see here:.

The Theory of Money and Credit -

Does that mean they are all communists? Which he addressed, remember what I said about due dilligence? Zombie alert. Few of us would like be judged by everything we participated in during our formative years. When I was twenty, I went to one of the first meetings of the U. Taxpayers Party- an organization now known as the Constitution Party. Woods was not a co-founder of the League of the South or even a member. To take that view is sophomoric at best, and at worse is knowingly disingenuous and deceitful.

Perhaps, but why make a big deal of it? Okay, so empirical examples of non-racism make you suspicious. Suppose you were falsely accused of racism. Not a fan of Woods.

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In fact, i dislike him. But I have heard his podcast a number of times and occasionally see his Twitter. I have never heard him say even one thing that is remotely racist let alone frequently. Calling someone like that racist is juvenile. Comes up with an adult argument. This really is pathetic. What is causing this mass hysteria whose results are to see Nazi symbols everywhere, even if they are simply construction signs painted on the street?

Please be specific when answering both queries.

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Specifically, what racist thing has Tom Woods said? Not much, to be honest, as the analogy is barely apt. There is a tendency among PC left-libertarians to relate everything to Hitler and the Nazis, usually with the loosest, softest grounding possible. It appears that you are engaging in this familiar practice by mentioning Chase Rachels. To my knowledge, Chase has never been a speaker at the institute, nor do I know of any instance that he has attended a Mises event. Even so, this practically one-sided affiliation has zero bearing on LvMI.

Nor does unsavory practices or silly beliefs offset, nullify, or falsify anything true an author might say.

Deflation and Liberty (LvMI) Deflation and Liberty (LvMI)
Deflation and Liberty (LvMI) Deflation and Liberty (LvMI)
Deflation and Liberty (LvMI) Deflation and Liberty (LvMI)
Deflation and Liberty (LvMI) Deflation and Liberty (LvMI)
Deflation and Liberty (LvMI) Deflation and Liberty (LvMI)

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