Double Header (Two Complete Novels)

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By Kevin Guilfoile & John Warner

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Sign up to the Cyclingnews Newsletter. It sparks questions and conversations about yourself and your own relationships along with reaffirming that families need many "types" of people to hold them together; especially when they're a little bit more scratched and broken than you realized. Although Double Header is throughly engaging and so relatable that it will get you thinking!

It really is a touchdown, or goal, or a home run, or whatever. Nov 30, Jeremiah Peters rated it it was amazing. After all, I'm not a woman and didn't know if the story would appeal to me. But once I began the book, I can say beyond any doubt, I was happily surprised. Clarice is a gifted writer. The characters she dreams up are so real you wonder if they are people from her own life, or whether you'll run into them at the mall or your next trip to a Red Sox game.

The plot of the b "Who me? The plot of the book moved along at a good pace, keeping me engaged and interested until the very end.

Anyone who reads this book will get caught up in the main character's Casey life, rooting for her as she faces her challenges and joys. Though the book has a Christian theme to it, the message won't slap you in the back of the head. Clarice skillfully weaves it into the story. Nov 10, Susan Loud added it. Double Header, a new novel by Clarice James, is a bit hard to categorize. The best part of Double Header for me is the characters. They are well developed and interesting. They are far from perfect, but I like them. They are the kind of people I would like to know and have in my life.

Clarice James has hit a home run with Double Header.

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Nov 29, Carol rated it really liked it. Double Header is a breezy romp narrated by a sassy young woman who is ambivalent about her work, her relationships, and her beliefs. Then an unexpected letter turns her world upside-down. This mystery dominates the end of the novel.

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All the characters are well-drawn and individualized, with realistic sibling banter. By the end of the book, the characters feel like family. The baseball setting is a refreshing change from the usual chick-lit backgrounds. And Double Header is a breezy romp narrated by a sassy young woman who is ambivalent about her work, her relationships, and her beliefs. Nov 28, Derinda Babcock rated it it was amazing. The characters are well-developed and real enough that I would recognize them on the street if we passed.

Casey, the main character, struggles with others and with God in a believable way, and her search to find answers as to the identity of the half-brother she doesn't know about until she is almost thirty kept me turning pages. This is a satisfying, entertaining read. I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.


Nov 27, Terrie Todd rated it it was amazing. Double Header is an entertaining book about Casey Gallagher, marketing executive by day and sports writer by night. I was hooked at the first sentence and quickly became immersed in the story. The characters are well fleshed out, especially Casey and her brother Griffin, whose banter and pseudo-bickering show the closeness of their relationship.

Author Clarice James builds the mystery to the very end and had me guessing the entire way. Nov 29, Erin rated it it was amazing. Being a runner and a female sports fan myself, I could identify with the main character, Casey. The story is about a woman struggling to stay in control of her life. The author kept me guessing who the brother was to the very end.

Nov 10, Cathy Tully rated it it was amazing. It was very easy to relate to many of the circumstances and characters. It brings to life the fact that God is real and how faith plays a critical role in outcomes through all the twists and turns of the story. I look forward to the next one. Nov 27, Stephanie Prichard rated it it was amazing. The loving sibling rivalry between Casey and her brother in Double Header is a hoot! I loved the honest portrait of Casey and was oh-so-able to identify with many of her foibles. The mystery undergirding the story was an emotional and spiritual challenge that realistically paved the way for changes—if Casey would only respond!

Nov 27, Linda Massucci rated it it was amazing. Double Header was a great read. It remained engaging throughout the story, and I never guessed the ending! Dec 15, Deb Haggerty rated it it was amazing. James is a most delightful debut novel that will be enjoyed by both guys and gals. Casey also works for a marketing company, and her husband, Sam, is a police officer. Griffin, a school teacher and coach, is married to Jillian, who is expecting their first child.

Back at work at both their day jobs and their columns, Casey receives a letter that spins her world worse than a close pitch.

Harrison, coach of the Hawks, called. A wiry man with thick black hair, he had been Carter and Liam's coach last year and throughout the All-Star team's run in the postseason. Carter counted himself very lucky to have been drafted to his team again this time around.

It took some of the sting out of being separated from Liam. Some, but not all. Until Liam moved, he and Carter were inseparable. They were the same age, had the same friends, and went to the same school.

Double Header (Two Complete Novels) Double Header (Two Complete Novels)
Double Header (Two Complete Novels) Double Header (Two Complete Novels)
Double Header (Two Complete Novels) Double Header (Two Complete Novels)
Double Header (Two Complete Novels) Double Header (Two Complete Novels)
Double Header (Two Complete Novels) Double Header (Two Complete Novels)
Double Header (Two Complete Novels) Double Header (Two Complete Novels)
Double Header (Two Complete Novels) Double Header (Two Complete Novels)

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