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In Stock. Stranger Things : Suspicious Minds. Misery - Halloween Edition. Beneath the Attic Dollanganger : Book 1. The Wayward Girls. It Movie Tie In. They had been holding hands and then collapsed beside one another, thrown deep into the channeled path. Then she remembered: waking someone in the midst of a vision could be detrimental. So she kept quiet, even though the news was too exciting not to share.

She got down on her hands and knees and crawled to the edge of the prayer circle. From there, she gazed over the Gila Wilderness. The day was beautiful. She lay on her side, and thought about the incredible vision of childbirth and a future of marriage and undying love. Her urge was to wake Carmel, rush with her back to Terra Sublime, and tell her father the news. Then she remembered how no one outside of the Elders Council could know the details of her future visions.

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When events passed, she could say: I saw this particular thing in a vision. However, no unrealized event could be shared with the outside world.

As the rules played out in her thoughts, she found she could only wait, and wait for however long it would take for Carmel to wake up. And she waited a long time. By early afternoon, the sun reached into their rock circle. And still Carmel lay completely still. Jess checked her pulse occasionally, and felt her chest, to be sure it still moved with her breath. Fearing a coma of sorts might have overtaken her, Jess began to formulate her next moves; but she had trouble deciding whether to stay and wait, or go back to the village to get help.

Think Jess. What is the right way to handle this? She saw herself as a great horned owl, fluttering along in a stream of feathers. Jess, the great horned owl, searched up and down the land of time stasis, with no luck, and eventually realized that Carmel was nowhere to be found, and could only be in the place she feared—the shady lowland off the edge of the vision plateau, where only the dead are drawn.

Jess cautiously wheeled in flight, approaching the dark border she was told never to cross. It led to a place of violent tempests, and battering seas, where a soul could be led astray by the never-ending enticements—worlds of illusory delight, and perpetual adventures, beyond the eyes of the Creator. There were no markings or any points of reference to provide aegis. Only the echoes of her voice gave hints of the wide valley. She hoped to find her quickly, and leave the wasteland behind.

Emissaries of Archeote

When darkness finally gave way to some form of light, she gasped in horror at the bizarre world she found. An endless series of gaping vortices lined the horizon, like vertically tipped hurricanes, each blaring out their unique song of attraction. They each tried desperately to draw in any souls they could find. It was like entering combat for her. She flew low along the corridor of a canyon, keeping watch around every corner, never knowing what dangers may wait. Everywhere she looked, the emissaries of dead worlds crawled about in hunger, looking for something, though Jess had no clue what it could be.

Ashes made up the ground in the land between horrors, where skeletons rose from their sleep to witness the hapless owl. As Jess grew bolder, she began to call out to the crawling specters, asking if they had seen her friend.

Some of them mumbled incoherent replies. She ignored them whenever she could. Until eventually one of them answered in adequate speech, and described Carmel perfectly. Jess wheeled about and landed gently on the ashen floor.

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She then approached the crablike thing who answered her request. Jess thanked her hideous new friend, and then flew off. She trusted the creature who gave her directions. As she carried on, she continued to shake the bright feathers from her underside, like she was told, leaving a trail to follow back.


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Jess extended her bird wing, which Crow Woman took with her own, and then they flew together, following the path of glowing feathers. When they emerged through the dark borderland, their progress was halted by a massive conflagration, under which a whole town burned uncontrollably. Crow and Owl gradually recognized the place—it was Terra Sublime.

Three men stood watching alongside them. They seemed horribly pleased with their handiwork. One of the men, a demonic being in all respects, turned to her, and gazed into her eyes. He nodded slowly, injecting into her thoughts gloom and doom , and the assurance that there would be no way to stop his plans for destruction. Both women woke simultaneously. At first, neither of them remembered the events as they struggled with their hunger. Carmel felt paralyzed.

I was so relieved. Oh God, it was stifling, the way time and everything else became still. I thought I might have stayed too long, or had gotten lost. You understand; there was no way to know. I could hardly move. There were creatures in there, holding me. Carmel furrowed her brow as she concentrated.

Yes, it was the three emissaries. I feel it now, having seen them in their world. It became clear to her, something big was happening, and she had yet to understand the true implications.

When the women could relax, Jess took out the emergency provisions, and handed Carmel a granola bar. They both ate slowly as the afternoon sun burned. Evening arrived in Terra Sublime.

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Emissaries of Archeoté Emissaries of Archeoté
Emissaries of Archeoté Emissaries of Archeoté
Emissaries of Archeoté Emissaries of Archeoté
Emissaries of Archeoté Emissaries of Archeoté
Emissaries of Archeoté Emissaries of Archeoté
Emissaries of Archeoté Emissaries of Archeoté
Emissaries of Archeoté Emissaries of Archeoté
Emissaries of Archeoté Emissaries of Archeoté

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