Lost Child (Volume One) - Anguish in the Nantahala

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Please refrain from wearing scented products as they can be harmful to others. Read about it here. Come and have a cup of coffee and enjoy our featured readers. Bring your own poem or short prose piece. The event is free and open to the public. An open mic will follow the presentations. Bring a poem or a short prose piece to participate. Cary began writing poetry in high school and continues to this day. He retired in and moved to Asheville.

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In , Cary and his artist wife Cheryl moved to Hayesville, to an older house still under renovation, which they share with their two lively dogs. His son is a comedy writer in Hollywood CA. His daughter is an actress and script supervisor. Following a career in marketing, Barnes began writing in She is also a frequent visitor to libraries where she reads to children and shares the adventures of Tobijah and his friends.

The author lives in Towns County, Georgia. For more information about this event, please contact Glenda Beall at: glendabeall msn. Maren O. Posted by Maren O. You are invited to hear Martha O. This event is now held in the community room. The Literary Hour is held on the third Thursday of the month unless otherwise indicated. This reading is free of charge and open to the public. This month's featured readers will be Martha O. Adams, Glenda Barrett, and Loren Leith. Raised in Ohio, Martha O. Adams graduated from Bowling Green State University with a major in education and minor in music.

Her poetry arises from wide roots in ten states, though she has lived in Hendersonville, NC for nearly 2 decades. She has worked as an educator, a mother of four children, retreat leader and reverent farmer in her vegetable garden.

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In this day of dawning realization that the Earth will suffer only so much before leaving all life diminished, Adams believes poetry, art and beauty may save us with their wake-up call. Her poems, like mirrors, reflect the scale and impact of our human lives within the interconnectedness of all things.

Glenda Barrett, a native of Hiawassee, Georgia, is a poet, writer, and visual artist. Both books are available on Amazon. Glenda's artwork is online at Fine Art America. She is very grateful to be able to devote her time to the two things she loved as a child, painting and writing. She has two grown children and two grandchildren, and lives with her husband of forty-two years in the North Georgia mountains.

Leith is known for her powerful, poignant, and often humorous nonfiction short stories, soon to be published in book-collection format and CD formats. She recently transformed three of her works into scripts for live-performance Old Time Radio Shows. She lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina, surrounded by nature and wild animals, which are often the subjects of her writing.

For more information on The Literary Hour event on September 19, , please contact Mary Ricketson, at maryricketson hotmail. Labels: Glenda Barrett , John C. Adams , poetry , prose , The Literary Hour , writing. Campbell Folk School. It seems that she and I have walked the same path in life. She was burned terribly as a fourteen year old and writes about the anguish of almost losing her hand, and describes the pain.

She sings and has a poem on page 30 titled Hymns. I felt his pain as she described the painful scraping of dead skin from her burned arms and hands. Read the title poem below. A single light can lead you home. One light. Bit by bit, the lighter shades. The dark. You rise and turn. In the poem, Hospital Days, Dana writes about a few good memories she had from those weeks in the hospital; hot dogs from the deli, her friends who came to see her and to sing with her.

Her mother took care of her through this time knowing her daughter could lose her hands. Unable to climax: Are you afraid to trust someone of the opposite sex? The symbol is fear of being out of control.

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Dislike sex: What fears or guilts have you experienced after having sex? Symbol is sex is dirty, sinful or shameful. Afraid of sex: Has anything bad happened to you regarding sex?

lassportlmentyskmo.ga Symbol is sexual childhood abuse. Symbol is insatiable needs.

See ya. Perpetual adulterers: What is your fear of making a total commitment to your spouse? What terrible thing would happen? The questions and their answers merely get a dialogue started and allow the patient to settle into it. Mainly the questions say: You have a sexual dysfunction; it does not stand alone; it is a symptom of something deeper within you and my interest is in that deeper you.

The questions set the tone that the patient is much larger than his presenting problem. He already knows that, and for the analyst to reaffirm it is a great relief to him enhancing his ability to trust. The individual presenting problems will correct themself over time as the trust and dialogue continue.

In fact, they may never be mentioned again. It takes years to customize an unconscious mind. To think it can be changed in weeks or even months is naive. Anima is female — animus is male. Jung discovered that we carry the emotional traits of both sexes within us. He knew, of course, that our biological genders were determined at conception, but his research made him aware that our emotional genders did not always follow suit.

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Every person is both male and female emotionally. In most cases this battle is an easy one. If the proper role models are in place — ideally the natural parents — and are not overly aggressive or seductive with their children, the battle is won without a shot being fired.

Then the battle is fierce. In the model family there is a mom, a dad and some kids. Ideally, the children will mostly identify with the parent of their own sex, but this identification will not be total — there will be overlap. Such identifications enrich individual personalities and the species. For example, I am mostly like my dad in my intolerance and quickness to anger, but I have a lot of my mom in me, too.

Lost Child (Volume One) - Anguish in the Nantahala Lost Child (Volume One) - Anguish in the Nantahala
Lost Child (Volume One) - Anguish in the Nantahala Lost Child (Volume One) - Anguish in the Nantahala
Lost Child (Volume One) - Anguish in the Nantahala Lost Child (Volume One) - Anguish in the Nantahala
Lost Child (Volume One) - Anguish in the Nantahala Lost Child (Volume One) - Anguish in the Nantahala
Lost Child (Volume One) - Anguish in the Nantahala Lost Child (Volume One) - Anguish in the Nantahala

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