ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery

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His first attempt to resolve this conflict is by giving up his Indian side altogether. He dates an American woman who knows nothing about Indian culture and tries to become a part of her family.

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However, the death of his father brings him back to his roots, and his second attempt is to have a semi-arranged marriage with a woman of Indian origin. The novel ends as he picks up the works of the Russian writer Gogol and sets out to discover himself. Many books written in the Indian diaspora display this kind of search for identity.

When people are displaced from the country of their origin and surrounded by those who share a different culture, it becomes even more important to know what your own true values are and whether they are in accord with one culture or the other. You may discover, eventually, that you are most comfortable in a mix of two cultures or in a third culture altogether. What does any of this have to do with blogging, you might ask. Yes, writing is a way to understand yourself but there are many others as well, such as reading, art, meditation, yoga or martial arts, to name a few.

And interestingly enough, there are blogs about all of these on the internet. If you want to spread information and help others in their journey of self-discovery, you can write a blog about your practice.

You maintain the continuity of the blog, but you also allow different points of view to creep in. And this, after all, is what self-discovery is all about—maintaining your core self but allowing others to influence it too. Picture: Elesa Kurtz. So, like Amelia, she just stuck out her thumb - metaphorically - and waited to see who would stop.

The resulting novel, Hitch , is filled with characters who appear, fully drawn, and with a promise of some kind of turning point.

Merve Emre: Portals to Self Discovery - Guernica

But, as is often the case in real life, these people are merely bit players in a larger narrative. Canberra-born Hind says this is true to her own experience of life, whether she has been hitchhiking herself or, more often, travelling alone.

I guess there's all this importance put on that person at that time. Amelia has fled her everyday life in Melbourne after her mother's funeral, after she is confronted by a man from her past. The person reignites traumatic memories from her adolescence.

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Her months-long journey via the various cars and trucks of those who stop, with just her dog, Lucy, as a constant companion, is both a test of her own resilience, and a way to escape her own grief and trauma. Hind began her novel while studying for a masters in creative writing in the United Kingdom in ; she eventually entered it in the inaugural Penguin Literary Prize, which she won, resulting in the book's publication.

And while the book itself would take six years to complete, it never strayed from its original premise. So that's how the book was written," she says.

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I just find that narrative really tiring, and all the power of that narrative is actually in there without me having to actually do it. It was important to me that it wasn't going to be a story where girl goes travelling, something awful happens. Hitch is a tense read, filled with a looming sense of dread; Amelia can't let her guard down even for a second, and while she is never physically harmed by any of the people she meets, the possibility of any kind of threat to her safety is always just around the corner.

Hind, 34, grew up in Canberra, where she finished school and university, and was happily ensconced in a career in communications when she decided to take another direction.

ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery
ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery
ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery
ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery
ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery
ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery
ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery
ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery

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