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Upstairs, there is an open sleeping loft that accommodates up to three residents, which will be prioritized for collaborative groups, or for those who don't mind sharing a space. The Studio House is a quiet, bright, and private space for one resident to live and work in. It has a living and dining area, kitchen, desk space, wood stove, and bathroom on the first floor, and a lofted bedroom upstairs, which is accessed by a spiral staircase. There is a stream that trickles by outside. This space also houses our internet-reading library.

Lily of the Valley is a year-old chestnut hunting lodge. Downstairs it has a cozy living and dining room, a kitchen, an airy bathroom with clawfoot tub, and french doors out to a wrap-around porch that overlooks the pond and mountains. Upstairs is an open and light-filled bedroom, library, and desk space. Outside there is a stone fire pit and meditation garden. August 1: Applications due. End of August: Selected applicants notified; all residencies individually scheduled.

October and November, Flexible one- or two-week residencies take place. Participants from the Spring Decelerator program share thoughts on their experience:. My time at the Decelerator consisted of a lot of reflection and nurturing parts of myself that are often neglected. I spent most days quietly tuning into nature, and found myself in a really calm mindset where I could focus on what my brain and body were telling me.

If I wasn't reading, writing, or meditating, I found myself walking and observing the beauty around me, which was abundant. Upon leaving, I realized I could manifest this clear headspace if I truly found it to be important, which I do, and now it is a priority to maintain.

To me, the Decelerator was a way to reflect on my own habits, processes, and ways of thinking. I quickly started work on some projects and ideas, and the sense of calm, quiet, and solitude was really helpful in letting me think about those things long-term. It was a bit like setting a cup of murky water on a table, watching it settle, and noticing clear water slowly emerge at the top.

The hardest part was creating balance between my desires to "use" the residency productively vs. The Decelerator program is pure magic. Truly—it was everything I didn't know that I needed. The environment is filled with light and beautiful spaces, which made it easy to relax and revel in solitude. By extracting myself from my busy everyday life and endless to-do lists, I was able to read, research, and have deep conversations with my collaborator, which resulted in some really exciting new ideas for our practice. This residency also made me realize how slowing down is deeply important to my overall wellbeing as a person.

Imagine a space where you have license to do the exact thing that places like New York City do not allow for: to slow down, disconnect, and listen to yourself. Life in a city can at times leave one feeling distanced from their work's greater purpose. After a week decelerating, I feel far more empowered, motivated, and clear about the direction of my creative projects We need more spaces like this, as for me, this experience was priceless. How do I know if I'm a good fit for the Fall Decelerator?

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Unlike our Spring program, the Fall Decelerator has a theme: we're looking to host those whose selfless creative work uplifts others in radical ways. As an entity, The Strange supports forward-looking practitioners whose work is multifaceted, technically imaginative, regenerative, computer-and-internet-centric, perhaps speculative, and highly inventive. To get a sense of the types of practitioners we support, you can see who was selected to take part in our Fall Decelerator here. Within a few years, Tollefson was back on the air at the local Fox affiliate, a stint that did not end well.

Along the way, Tollefson was dogged by whispers about shady dealings tied to his charitable work and money or other troubles. The television carried images of a wan, but still boyish-looking Tolly doing the perp walk instead of reporting on Doc and the Sixers. Much has been said about the special kind of intimacy formed between viewer and TV host in the days when there were only three or four options on the dial.

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At the peak of his influence in the late s, Walter Cronkite was famously deemed the most trusted man in America and there was talk on the left, at least of a presidential run. Chloe says she will go to the police and promises to take all the responsibility for killing Frank only on herself. Their investigation leads them to an abandoned barn owned by the Prescott family where they discover a hidden underground bunker beneath which was the dark room Nathan was mentioning and illegal photography was carried out on Rachel Amber, Kate Marsh and other missing girls from Arcadia Bay.

Before she has the opportunity to aim her gun, she is shot in the head and falls backwards onto Rachel's grave. Max's eyes are watering as she witnesses Chloe's death and whispers her name before passing out. I'm still between realities But Chloe is alive! Focus on that, Max Now I have to wait until after my trip to see her again In this episode, Max initially prevents Chloe's death at the hands of Mark Jefferson by rewinding through the selfie she took on the first day of the week in Jefferson's class and informing David of Jefferson's deeds, creating a new timeline where Jefferson was already arrested on Tuesday with Chloe still alive and Max as the winner of the photo contest in San Francisco.

Through Max's text messages we get to know that Max was there for Chloe after finding out about Rachel's death on Tuesday; everything that happened the following days in the original timeline probably never did.

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After Max messaged Chloe about her win on Wednesday, she was evidently very proud and happy for Max and had helped Max to pack for San Francisco. Aside from finding out about Rachel's death, everything seems optimal for Chloe. However, in this timeline, she will apparently be killed by the tornado from the vision that already approached the town in the middle of a phone call with Max in the Zeitgeist Gallery.

Max warns Chloe of Jefferson's treachery and Nathan's death at his hands. Moreover, Max reveals to Chloe what she had experienced in the alternative timeline where Max prevented William's death and could not keep fixing the altered time. She manages to convince Chloe, and instead of springing Jefferson's trap as they did before, Max and Chloe proceed to report the scandal to David, who promptly, with the help of the police, will arrest Mark Jefferson, and stay at Chloe's home till the storm is about to strike.

After altering, Max wakes up at the beach and finds out, with the tornado striking Arcadia Bay the next day, that Chloe took Max to the beach where they would be protected from the storm. Max hugs Chloe and is relieved that she finally managed to keep both of them alive. Chloe offers to get out of Max's life after everything she put Max through, but Max disagrees. Then Chloe mentions once again how well Max has handled all the difficult situations, and that she's the best friend a human can have. Chloe tells Max everything that happened while she was out, and they are on their way to the lighthouse when Max loses consciousness and falls into a disturbing nightmare.

Chloe appears several times during the nightmare and is particularly prominent towards the end. She is depicted in most scenes in a harsh manner, telling Max that she is unworthy of her attentions, or that she should never have come back to Arcadia Bay. Her abandonment issues are accentuated, meant to play on Max's guilty conscience.

She is also displayed in a more romantic manner during some scenes; bizarrely hooking up with different characters, to make Max jealous as it's represented as one of her insecurity.

A List of Reported Strange Skyfalls

The scene is followed by heartfelt and prominent moments between the two girls, revealing how close a relationship Max and Chloe have rekindled during the week. Max decides not to trade Chloe's life for the sake of the town and tosses the photo of the blue butterfly. Chloe and Max promise each other to always be together and wait at the cliff holding hands until the storm subsides.

After taking a final look at the aftermath of the storm, they leave the town in Chloe's truck.

Strange Rain: Why Fish, Frogs and Golf Balls Fall From the Skies

Max sacrifices Chloe for the sake of the town and the residents as Chloe suggested. Chloe will say that being together was the best farewell gift she could have hoped for. They will kiss each other if Max supported Chloe on all occasions throughout the game. Chloe says that she will always love Max and will never forget her. Max promises to never forget about Chloe as well. Chloe is extremely happy to see Max, unlike in the original timeline in which she was accusatory about Max abandoning her.

It can be revealed that she was a little hurt by Max not visiting; but she understands, commenting that her friend isn't "SuperMax". Chloe still considers Max as her best friend, still cherishing their childhood memories a lot, and chooses to have Max's company as her last good memory. Yes, I haven't been around lately, but that will change soon. In this alternative timeline, there is some amusing mirroring of the original timeline. Alternative Max now says, "hella", much to Alternative Chloe's displeasure she hates the very word that 'Original Chloe' loves.

5 Strange Objects That Are Going To Fall From Space

Alternative Chloe, in turn, comes out with a phrasing that Max uses on a couple of occasions in the original timeline: "the company I keep". Before Chloe became disabled, she was a straight-A student at Blackwell Academy, which Max discovers when she finds an old report card belonging to Chloe dated May 22nd, Once she became disabled in , Chloe was no longer able to attend Blackwell Academy due to its lack of facilities to support her special needs. There are three instances in which Max and Chloe's "wine tasting sessions" are mentioned. The first is when Max is at Chloe's house for the first time in the game and is able to explore the living room.

She finds the stain that was left from one time when they had spilt the wine on the ground and it makes her remember that situation vividly. The second one is when Max goes back to and tries to prevent William's death. When William is leaving the house, he says, "And no Max and Chloe wine tasting sessions.

If Max sits on the couch in the living room, she will reminisce the moment between her and Chloe:.

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Chloe: Come on, open it chicken! Max: Hold on. And I'm not chicken! Chloe: Prove it! You drink first, Max! Max: No way! It was your idea, Chloe! Chloe: Whateva. Give me that bottle.

Max: Well? Chloe: Tasty. Very tasty. Max: Here, I want a sip!

Strange Fall Strange Fall
Strange Fall Strange Fall
Strange Fall Strange Fall
Strange Fall Strange Fall
Strange Fall Strange Fall

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