The Complete Idiots Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ

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His book and others that followed stirred up much controversy, leading the National Education Association in to recommend the elimination of group standardized intelligence, aptitude, and achievement tests. In the chaos of controversy, the standard IQ exam is flunking the test. Many educational psychologists feel that IQ testers have failed to answer two all-important questions: What is intelligence?

What have IQ tests actually measured? Yale psychologist Robert Sternberg says in P. The tests have proved overall to have only low to moderate power to predict such things as future job performance, income and status, or overall happiness and adjustment. Thomas Armstrong, since it would have taken a major miracle to eliminate testing. According to some authors an IQ gives a good indication of the occupational group that a person will end up in, though not of course the specific occupation.

Many scholars disagree, since it is doubtful that there is such a thing as general intelligence. Intelligence is an encompassing term. Many people feel that intelligence includes such attributes as creativity, persistent curiosity, and success. He claims that his great success was due to his persistent curiosity, something not measured by IQ tests. IQ tests, however, are poor indicators of many attributes of this nature. Generally, IQ tests seem to measure common skills and abilities, most of which are acquired in school.

Undoubtedly, the man who stands out from the crowd for formally introducing the idea of multiple intelligences was L. Thurstone Thurstone soon became aware that Edison seemed completely unable to comprehend mathematics. This led Thurstone to conclude that, rather than a single quality called general intelligence, there must be many kinds of intelligence, perhaps each unrelated to the other.

Based on his factor analysis of the human intellect, J. Guilford developed a model of intelligence.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ - Gregory P. Korgeski - Google книги

The figure is shown in three dimensions. Each side of the block represents a major intellectual function. Each function is divided into sub-functions. The total number of interactions possible is , since Guildford had isolated different kinds of intelligence. Probably the best-known theory of multiple intelligences was developed in by Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University.

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Gardner proposes eight different intelligences to account for a broader range of human potential in children and adults. These intelligences are:. The unreliability of IQ tests has been proved by numerous researchers. In addition, Gould described the biasing effect that tester attitudes, qualifications, and instructions can have on testing. In another study, Ysseldyke et al. Provided with forms containing information on 41 test or subtest scores including the WISC-R IQ test of nine school-identified LD students and nine non-LD students, judges were instructed to indicate which students they believed were learning disabled and which were non-learning disabled.

The school psychologists and special-education teachers were able to differentiate between LD students and low achievers with only 50 percent accuracy. The naive judges, who had never had more than an introductory course in education or psychology, evidenced a 75 percent hit rate! Measures of intelligence may be valuable — although the value is often overrated — but much harm can be done by persons who try to classify individuals strictly on the basis of such measures alone.

It certainly would be unscientific to say that an individual with an IQ of is of high average intelligence, while an individual with an IQ of is of only average intelligence. Such a strict classification of intellectual abilities would fail to take account of social elements such as home, school, and community.

These elements are not adequately measured by present intelligence tests. IQ is most certainly not a fixed quantity, but can be increased by means of education. In the late s, under the supervision of Rick Heber of the University of Wisconsin, a project was begun to study the effects of intellectual stimulation on children from deprived environments.

One district in particular stood out. The residents of this district had the lowest median income and lowest level of education to be found in the city. This district also had the highest population density and rate of unemployment of any area of Milwaukee. At the beginning of the project, Heber selected forty newborns from the depressed area of Milwaukee he had chosen.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ

As it turned out, all of the children in the study were black, and in many cases the fathers were absent. The forty newborns were randomly assigned, 20 to an experimental group and 20 to a control group. Both the experimental group and the control group were tested an equal number of times throughout the project. An independent testing service was used in order to eliminate possible biases on the part of the project members.

In terms of physical or medical variables, there were no observable differences between the two groups. The experimental group entered a special program. Mothers of the experimental group children received education, vocational rehabilitation, and training in homemaking and child care.

The children themselves received personalized enrichment in their home environments for the first three months of their lives, and then their training continued at a special center, five days a week, seven hours a day, until they were ready to begin first grade. The program at the center focused upon developing the language and cognitive skills of the experimental group children.

The control group did not receive special education or home-based intervention and enrichment. By the age of six all the children in the experimental group were dramatically superior to the children in the control group. This was true on all test measures, especially those dealing with language skills or problem solving.

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The experimental group had an IQ average of At the age of six the children left the center to attend the local school. One possible reason for the decline is that schooling was geared for the slower students. The brighter children were not given materials suitable for their abilities and they began to fall back.

Also, while the experimental children were in the special project center for the first six years they ate well, receiving three hot, balanced meals a day. Once they left the center and began to attend the local school, many reported going to classes hungry, without breakfast or a hot lunch.

A particularly interesting project on early intellectual stimulation involved 25 children in an orphanage. These children were seriously environmentally deprived because the orphanage was crowded and understaffed. Thirteen babies of the average age of 19 months were transferred to the Glenwood State School for retarded adult women and each baby was put in the personal care of a woman.

Skeels, who conducted the experiment, deliberately chose the most deficient of the orphans to be placed in the Glenwood School. Their average IQ was 64, while the average IQ of the 12 who stayed behind in the orphanage was In the Glenwood State School the children were placed in open, active wards with the older and relatively brighter women. Their substitute mothers overwhelmed them with love and cuddling. Toys were available, they were taken on outings and they were talked to a lot.

The women were taught how to stimulate the babies intellectually and how to elicit language from them. Preview this item Preview this item. Now readers can raise their social intelligence quotient with a little self-Knowledge and practice. Beginning with a series of short quizzes that generate a personal social profile, this guide explains how readers can enhance their ability to create and sustain mutually enriching relationships, make friends, and build a rich social network.

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New York, N. Simple steps to connecting with others. Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.

Simple Strategies for Developing Your Social Brain

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The Complete Idiots Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ The Complete Idiots Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ
The Complete Idiots Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ The Complete Idiots Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ
The Complete Idiots Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ The Complete Idiots Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ
The Complete Idiots Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ The Complete Idiots Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ
The Complete Idiots Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ The Complete Idiots Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ
The Complete Idiots Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ The Complete Idiots Guide to Enhancing Your Social IQ

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