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That has been the ultimate goal of the mystics: to disappear into the universal, not to be separate; to melt and merge into the universal. Dhammapada Yin Yang Birth Death Buddha gif duality Non-Being acceptance surrender light dark day night present consciouness awake peace bliss witness Nirvana Eternal timelessness eternity enlightenment Bliss Buddhist Sacred Ancient wisdom. Live in joy, In love, Even among those who hate. Live in joy, In health, Even among the afflicted. Live in joy, In peace, Even among the troubled.

Live in joy, In love Even among those who hate. Dhammapada Buddha Buddhism Buddhist quotes Buddha's words wisdom. All that we are is the result of what we have thought. A single wise word bringing peace to the listener Is worth more than a thousand speeches Full of empty words. Dhammapada peace wise word thousand speech empty full. There is an old rule: The one who stays silent is criticised. The one who talks too much is also criticised.

Even the one who speaks only a little is criticised. There is no-one in the world who is never criticised. Do it over and over again, And you will be filled with joy. You are what you think. All that you are arises from your thoughts. With your thoughts you make your world. As a solid rock cannot be moved by the wind, the wise are not shaken by praise or blame. When they listen to the words of the dharma, their minds become calm and clear like the waters of a still lake.

If by renouncing a lesser happiness one may realize a greater happiness, let the wise one renounce the lesser, having regard for the greater. Use your body for doing good, not for harm. Train it to follow the dharma. Use your tongue for doing good, not for harm. Train it to speak kindly. Use your mind for doing good, not for harm. Train your mind in love. The wise are disciplined in body, speech and mind.

They are well controlled indeed. Buddhism Buddha Dhammapada Dharma Mindfulness.

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Death sweeps away, The person obsessed With gathering flowers, As a great flood sweeps away a sleeping village. Dhammapada dhammapada dharma Buddha Buddhism karma kamma. Live in joy, with love, even among those who hate; with contentment, even among the greedy. Live in joy, with peace, even among the troubled.

The winner sows hatred becomes the loser suffers. Stop seeking wins and losses, and thus find joy. There is no fire like lust; there is no grip like hatred; there is no net like delusion; there is no river like craving. Buddhism Dhammapada Quote inspiration Buddhist. Better than a meaningless story of a thousand words is a single word of deep meaning which, when heard, produces peace. Buddha Dhammapada. Dhammapada buddhism gautama GautamaBuddha inspirationfrombuddha Flowers dhammapadaverses.

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Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule. Siddhartha gautama dhammapada Buddha sayings buddhism tao zen meditation mindfulness yoga awakening awareness aware awake love compassion inner peace spirituality consciousness understanding self-understanding wisdom knowledge self-knowledge self-discovery self-love inspirational inspiration quotes. Buddha Dhammapada Photography Buddhism. How can a troubled mind understand the way? Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own thoughts, unguarded.

But once mastered, no one can help you as much. Know the stillness of freedom Where there is no more striving. There is no fire like lust, no chain like hate; there is no snare like folly, no torrent like craving.

THE DHAMMAPADA With Explanatory Notes Buddha

The faults of others are easy to see; our own are difficult to see. A person winnows others' faults like chaff, but hides one's own faults, like a cheater hides bad dice. If a person is concerned about the faults of others and is always inclined to be offended, one's own faults grow and one is far from removing faults.

There is no path in the sky; one does not become an ascetic outwardly. People delight in worldly pleasures; the perfected ones are free from worldliness. No creatures are eternal, but the awakened ones are never shaken. The Just Whoever settles a matter by violence is not just. The wise calmly considers what is right and what is wrong. Whoever guides others by a procedure that is nonviolent and fair is said to be a guardian of truth, wise and just.

A person is not wise simply because one talks much. Whoever is patient, free from hate and fear, is said to be wise. A person is not a supporter of justice simply because one talks much. Even if a person has learned little, whoever discerns justice with the body and does not neglect justice is a supporter of justice. A person is not an elder simply because one's head is gray.

Age can be ripe, but one may be called "old in vain. Mere talk or beauty of complexion does not make an envious, greedy, dishonest person become respectable. The one in whom all these are destroyed, torn out by the very root, who is free from hate and is wise, is called respectable. Not by a shaven head does one who is undisciplined and speaks falsely become an ascetic.

Can a person be an ascetic who is still enslaved by desire and greed? Whoever always quiets wrong tendencies, small or large, is called an ascetic, because of having quieted all wrong. A person is not a mendicant simply because one begs from others. Whoever adopts the whole truth is a mendicant, not the one who adopts only a part. Whoever is above good and bad and is chaste, who carefully passes through the world in meditation, is truly called a mendicant. A person does not become a sage by silence, if one is foolish and ignorant; but the wise one, who, holding a scale, takes what is good and avoids what is bad, is a sage for that reason.

Whoever in this world weighs both sides is called a sage because of that.

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A person is not a noble, because one injures living beings. One is called noble, because one does not injure living beings. Not only by discipline and vows, not only by much learning, nor by deep concentration nor by sleeping alone do I reach the joy of release which the worldly cannotknow.

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Mendicant, do not be confident until you have reached the extinction of impurities. The Path Best of the paths is the eightfold, best of the truths the four; best of the virtues is freedom from attachment; best of the people is the one who sees. This is the path; there is no other that leads to the purifying of insight.

Follow this path, and Mara will be confused. If you follow this path, you will end your suffering. This path was preached by me when I became aware of the removal of the thorns. You yourself must make the effort. The perfected ones are only preachers. Those who enter the path and practice meditation are released from the bondage of Mara.

Whoever does not rise when it is time to rise, who, though young and strong, is lazy, who is weak in will and thought, that lazy and idle person will not find the path of wisdom. Watching one's speech, restraining well the mind, let one not commit any wrong with one's body. Whoever keeps these three roads of action clear, will make progress on the path taught by the wise. Through meditation wisdom is gained; through lack of meditation wisdom is lost.

The Dhammapada

Whoever knows this double path of progress and decline, should place oneself so that wisdom will grow. Cut down the forest of desires, not just a tree; danger is in the forest. When you have cut down the forest and its undergrowth, then, mendicants, you will be free. As long as the desire, however small, of a man for women is not destroyed, so long is his mind attached, like a sucking calf is to its mother. Cut out the love of self, like an autumn lotus, with your hand. Cherish the path of peace.

Why Sufferings are Useful? – Sri Ben Prabhu

Nirvana has been shown by the Buddha.

The Slaves Dhammapada The Slaves Dhammapada
The Slaves Dhammapada The Slaves Dhammapada
The Slaves Dhammapada The Slaves Dhammapada
The Slaves Dhammapada The Slaves Dhammapada
The Slaves Dhammapada The Slaves Dhammapada
The Slaves Dhammapada The Slaves Dhammapada
The Slaves Dhammapada The Slaves Dhammapada
The Slaves Dhammapada The Slaves Dhammapada

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