The Spider Kings Daughter

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What you need to know before your trail

They have little space as he shares the home with his sister and his mother who suffers from depression. And crash they do — the city of Lagos is painted with strong brush strokes of many colours, shades and strengths.

A vivid picture of a city of haves and have nots is evoked with style. Lake Louise, Canada. Copenhagen, Denmark. Loch Ness, Scotland.

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The Spider King’s Daughter, its author, John Updike and me (A review) | MissOjikutu

What you need to know before your trail Seventeen-year-old Abike Johnson is the favourite child of her wealthy father. Where Next? Featured Book. Please tick this box if you'd like to receive information and updates from us about our book news. I therefore did not approach it as young adult fiction, and quite expected — at my grand old age — to enjoy it as much as the boy furiously turning pages beside me on the train. Along with the obvious reason — being a Nigerian literature fiend — for my attraction to this book, it was its blurb, a quote from the book, which made me spare it attention among the pile of books ascending to several precarious storeys atop my wardrobe.

It would have been so easy to sprint off with her money. I gave her the change before placing the ice-cream on her palm. Someone else would have to show her that the world was not filled with honest hawkers and unicorns. This quote pretty much set the scene for the surprise readers get when they realise that the trusting adolescent described above, Abike Johnson, is an anti-hero of sorts, rather than the stereotypical, cosseted rich girl.

Confirming my description of the book with a quotation rather than proceeding by a fuzzy prexis. This book is the combined diary of two young people, set tidily apart with different fonts. Although Chibundu recounts the same experiences from both viewpoints, she introduces enough discrepancies in their perception and narration of shared events that rarely does it seem that one is being told the same thing twice.

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Quite the opposite in fact, she uses their disconnected understanding as a tool to progress the plot. The individuality of her expressions and the deft deployment of metaphors are thrilling as well. He was an effacing man, always scanning the room to look for someone to serve.

The Spider King's Daughter

Chibundu works words with the dexterity of a more experienced author. Writers, they say, acquire style as they mature, but reading Chibundu gives me the sense that it is also possible to just have it waiting to be poured into a debut effort. The thought of the kind of genius this writer might have to offer in a few years — if indeed writers do grow into their styles — fills me with excitement.

Chibundu Onuzo, author of the book. Photo: Bill Knight. Sadly, it is in plot and characterisation that Chibundu exhibits the deficiency that marks her as a greenhorn, creating a story that torpedoes just when it should be building up. Chibundu does a wonderful job of developing the complexity of her characters until she abruptly does an about face and begins to expend a lot of effort to destroy all that she has achieved up to this point. Runner G has developed a sense of pride in his situation, and begun to lose the defensiveness that had hitherto shadowed it.

Abike finally sees how the less fortunate half lives, and begins to form an empathy for not just Runner G and his family, but other people — indifference is turning to interest and then progressing towards understanding.

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While this book might be satisfactory for the young adult that phrase again! They are:. Flawed resolution — In order not to give this one away, I have to content myself with saying only that that scene that combines the excitement of strangulation, gun totting, and stiletto head-nailing is the weakest in the whole book.

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  • The Spider King’s Daughter, its author, John Updike and me (A review)?

Plausibility — There was no emotional truth in two responsible adults being complicit in the plans of a teenager to carry out a murder, and that belated withdrawal of Aunty Precious comes a little too late to stem the damage. How come every one who has ever met Mr Johnson describes him by his birthmark?

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And why are there so many people connected to him? Somewhere into the first few accounts of him, readers already know what to make of his character.

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As for dialogue, it needs be said that every character gets a paragraph no matter how little they say, to allow for clarity. My opinion after reading The Spider Kings…, however, is that Chibundu needs to allow herself grow. Not in style, necessarily, she has that aplenty, but in the structure of the craft, and in experience.

The Spider Kings Daughter The Spider Kings Daughter
The Spider Kings Daughter The Spider Kings Daughter
The Spider Kings Daughter The Spider Kings Daughter
The Spider Kings Daughter The Spider Kings Daughter
The Spider Kings Daughter The Spider Kings Daughter
The Spider Kings Daughter The Spider Kings Daughter
The Spider Kings Daughter The Spider Kings Daughter
The Spider Kings Daughter The Spider Kings Daughter

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